I don’t really have an overwhelming interest in the amount of weight I lift so instead here’s a list of my fastest times across certain distances – a table I hope will change a lot.

Currently not including “split times” – so if I happen to run 1.0 mile quicker during a 5k than my current 1.0 mile record I will not be using that as my official time.

For a breakdown of every time I’ve recorded in each category, just click on the event.

Parkrun Southsea (5k) 28:50 mm:ss 16th September 2017
The Work Lap 10:51 * mm:ss  22nd September 2017
0.5 miles  4:25 ** mm:ss  11th July 2017
1.0 miles 7:38 mm:ss 22nd September 2017
1.5 miles mm:ss
2.0 miles mm:ss
2.5 miles mm:ss
5k (3.1 miles) – not Parkrun mm:ss
10k (6.2 miles) hh:mm:ss
Half Marathon (13.1 miles) hh:mm:ss
Marathon (26.2 miles) hh:mm:ss
* hotly disputed validity of time
** denotes a time run on a treadmill, not necessarily at a static pace throughout