Movember Summary #3

I suppose it’s relatively telling that after completing Hellrunner Down South at the weekend that I would be doing substantially less this week in regards to training – as if I needed an excuse to not force my body to ache any more unnecessarily than it already does.

Truth be told though, I could not have envisioned ever running a distance as far as Hellrunner whilst also conquering hills, mud and freezing cold water. Maniacal mirror laughter aside, I’m still looking back on it now with increasing pride. It was arguably the first time (Tough Mudder Half aside) that I’ve ever pushed myself beyond the “when the going gets tough, just quit” mentality I’ve suffered from over the years. I’m not a defeatist, I’ve just always tried to expend my energy more wisely where possible. Work smarter, not harder, as my boss would say.

So beyond the regular Tuesday Night Football session this week (which culminated in another goal for charity from yours truly, despite another crushing defeat) I must confess I’ve done… well… quite frankly nothing.

There is, of course, quite a simple explanation for this – I have the Inflatable 10k coming up this weekend. I need to spend as much time recovering my aching muscles as feasibly possible, knowing full well that this personal torture is far from over. I’m desperately pleading with myself to let this be a gateway to improving myself as an athlete, or at least going some way to restoring the ability I once had.

It’s certainly interesting looking at my recent stats at the football. The sessions tend to be just shy of an hour but I seem to find myself running around 2.3mile every single time. Whether this means anything or not, who knows, it’s really hard to tell. But very interesting none-the-less.

For now though, I rest. I had some crosses to bear this weekend and I need to be fully prepared for this. Who knows, I might yet survive.


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