Movember Summary #2

Week 2 of the Movember campaign has been heavily blighted by injuries, as fully expected, with much of the time spent actually resting, hoping that by some sheer miracle I recovered enough to actually convince the rest of the trail running group that I was capable of… well… you know… running.

trailrun2.PNGThrough the noxious fumes of Deep Heat waxed across my legs, I somehow managed to stumble my way through a 7km course in the midst of South Downs wearing a delightful pair of the latest Salomon running shoes – in this instance, one of the Speedcross 4 editions. It was extremely refreshing to actually go for a run with a pair of real running shoes on. Running shoes that were designed to actually aid you in your activity as opposed to merely enveloping your feet.IMG_0721.JPG

The weather wasn’t brilliant but luckily we had plenty of opportunities along the run to stop, talk about various running techniques, catch our breath and take in the stunning scenery when atop the hillside. I think my body was eternally grateful for these little rests although my feet were beginning to revert to aching type come the back-end of the session.

Nevertheless, a terrific learning experience and I’ve been advised that a questionnaire that we’ll be sent will be followed up with a 20% discount off Salomon products – huzzah! I can actually buy myself a decent pair of running shoes for my road runs and maybe, just maybe, that’ll be enough to really kickstart my running – once the injuries subside of course. More on that later…

Fast-forward 72hours and I’m back on the pitch for the work football shenanigans. Tuesday finally marked the night that I provided my first donation to charity after finding the onion bag with a sumptuous outside of the boot finish from 20 yards… shame we got absolutely spanked by about 13 goals to 5 but details, details…

It’s been really difficult though because I’ve just wanted to spend the entire week hitting the gym, getting fit, preparing for the month-end torture fest but the pains I’m suffering in my legs just aren’t subsiding so I feel a trip to the doctors may well be in order, but only after the month is out; charity is calling and I have promises to keep. [Remember, you can donate here: ]

I did manage a little session each on Wednesday and Thursday, the former consisting of some upper body work and the latter comprising of some rowing/running combo to test the waters. Thursday’s session didn’t particularly agree with me however, so the running was mostly flat-footed and cautious – probably not the best thing to do, but better than nothing in my opinion.

So it all comes down to this weekend really; Hellrunner Down South. I can’t even begin to fathom how miserable it’s going to be, traversing muddy bogs and steep hills across approximately 10 miles of unregulated terrain. The forecast looks set to be a winning combination cold winds and heavy rainfall.

Oh, joy.


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