When do records not count as records?

Broadly speaking, and this is something I touched on recently, I seem to be breaking records every time I go for a run recently. I’m not sure how I’m managing it, or why it’s happening, or even how long this phenomenon will last but the level of intrigue has intensified significantly as a result.

But the biggest issue I’m struggling to come to grips with is whether any of these records actually count. You see, ordinarily I’d get very excited about seeing this after doing The Work Lap:


But truth be told, this is the second week in a row where I’ve had to have a break after running the first mile. Clearly the rejuvenation period is doing wonders for my times but it’s hard to get excited about what I can genuinely achieve when I can’t even master the basics.

Of course, when I say that I’m taking a break, I do in fact mean that I am pausing the watch so in reality I think I already know the answer to my question; no, I cannot fairly justify the times I achieve. Not unless I keep that watch ticking.

One positive I can take is that the time recorded for the first mile is about as genuine as it gets. No corners cut with that one, that’s the one I push for. I’m still yet to decide on technicalities on whether I can include this as a record in its own right (by my own rules no, but I do stop at the end so… technically can?)


For now, I just need to remember that I’m not perfect and none of my training is perfect and as long as I continue along the path of ill discipline and poor preparation then these small incremental improvements will eventually cease and I’ll have to be content with distinguished mediocrity.

First thing first then; let’s sort out that aspect and then maybe I can render any questions about my future records null and void.


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