Event 005: Parkrun 003, Southsea Esplanade, June 17th 2017

They say you should expect it when you’re least expecting it, whatever it may be.

This was gravely true in my latest Parkrun adventure. I had to expect a downturn in form at some point and it was possibly when I was least expecting it arrive.

I say possibly. I am forever a cynic and so, quite frankly, I was fully expecting the short-lived perennial course time decreases to come to an abrupt halt but I guess maybe not quite so soon.

That said, what a summer we’ve been having! It’s circa 60,000 degrees outside every day and I am the epitome of a beached whale in this weather. I simply cannot cope.

I’m desperately trying to change the perception that summer is inherently evil but I wither away in anything above room temperature and that’s not a pretty sight.

And yet, my inner-fighter cognitively pleads with me to push these boundaries, often with a selfish, reckless abandon under the veil of “personal betterment” so sometimes, I confess, I do stupid things.

Like, do a Parkrun.

Even at 9am, temperatures down here were already in the mid-20s and that’s just not fair.

So naturally, this weekend, I struggled. I struggled with the heat, I struggled with my ankles and I struggled with my breathing.

I had to stop after reaching the half-way point. My ankles were on fire and yet I still cannot figure out why, or how to make it stop. Perhaps I need to do some more leg days in the gym to strengthen, but I’m yet to figure out where I can make improvements to quell my condition.

I’m certainly not overweight, so that’s not particularly an issue, although I have gained some weight (which at least explains why I get flat footed from time to time; that’s one issue I’m learning to manage now I know the cause). If anybody knows why the area between the bottom of my calves and my ankles hurt and how I can stop it from hurting then please, get in touch, I’d love to know.

So, a really tough break for me this time.



I mean, it’s not my worst time, and even with the push I put into the last quarter I thought I would’ve been quicker, but it’s only fair to understand that with the factors above taken into account, this result should’ve been expected. And I will learn from this result. Patience is key, but until I start taking my training and gym time more seriously then I shouldn’t expect any significant results. In fact, I don’t deserve them either.

Nevertheless, I will likely have to take the next two weeks off due to having to make arrangements for a wedding at the end of the month (not mine, never fear) but I have to get a lot sorted between now and the end of the month.

But remember folks, if you’re out running in this weather – whether it is 1k, 5k, 10k or more, please stay hydrated. Dehydration, sun stroke, exhaustion… it can kill. I know that seems extreme but that’s the reality of it so please, stay safe and drink up and remember: you can’t get a PB if you’re dead. Don’t die, stay hydrated.





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